This group conducts activities under the main theme of "Community Development Information and Environmental Business Studies." This covers a wide range of fields, and in line with the main theme the group holds site tours to examine case examples of research results and current urban redevelopment zones or the latest spots of interest, as well as lecture meetings covering a diverse range of topics.
The Central Japan economic zone is experiencing increased internationalization as a result of the opening of the Central Japan International Airport and the success of Expo 2005 Aichi. However, we are only now entering the crucial period for business internationalization in the true sense. The themes of the Global Business Working Group are to analyze information with eyes toward the world market and a global perspective, and to build international strategies.
The basic theme of this group is "IT Business Trends, and Use and Spread of IT." The IT Business Working Group works to provide a system to supply information that will be useful to member companies overall. Today, as all fields of business are evolving toward the realization of a high-level information society, the group works to identify key words related to constantly changing, leading-edge information technology, and organize lecture meetings and site inspections focused on introducing case examples.
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The Partner Matching Forum Working Group provides opportunities for venture support and the generation of new businesses, as well as new business information. The group also strives to expand support networks through cooperation of public and private organizations.
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The Yu Group was established this year as an independent offshoot of the Frontier Group. The people participating in this group come from diverse areas, and the group maintains a sense of fun as it provides hints for new businesses. The group is active in visiting spots and events that have attracted attention as current leaders in their respective fields, and places that are likely to be in the spotlight in the future.
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As we face the coming mass retirement of the baby-boom generation (2007 problem), the shift from central to local authority (decentralization of government), and the shift from public to private organizations (privatization of government enterprises), the Transit Business Group considers "crossover" businesses that can meet the challenges of the times. The group has established a Second Life Committee (provisional name) and a Public-Private Transit Committee (tentative name), and three times each year plans and holds case example introduction meetings, site visits, and lecture meetings, respectively.
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A group for discovering, giving out and exchanging information on Japanese crafts and the charm of Nagoya, where we learn about hospitality and discover new businesses. We bring to you the charm of Nagoya, with
info on the local history, characteristics, products and people of this fascinating place.
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Inrecent years, the heat island phenomenon is felt every summer in Nagoya. The causes of this phenomenon are wide-ranging, and solutions call for repeated, persistent efforts and bold plans. Research is conducted through close cooperation of business, government, and academic circles, and specific action plans are prepared. New Study Group members are welcome.
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